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What is Youniverseway (YW)?

Youniverseway (YW) is a Digital education platform with the sole objective of creating an "Inspired living". Inspired living is creating a Life and Business by design. It is creating a life that you thrive for, every single day. It is a life where you are passionately living in the present while creating a more beautiful future.

You see, our education system taught us to:

Hear with ears, instead of listening with emotions, 

It asked us to gather information, instead of learning with curiosity ,

It tested us through various exams instead of accessing our abilities to apply what we have learnt. 

Now, we are not saying our education system is what causes failure! It has undoubtedly provided us valuable information but you know what!?It failed to give us the Desired Results!

Our mission with YW is to provide you the best life skills by providing you step by step guides, trainings, materials and knowledge which can be easily "Applied" in your life, so that you get the desired results! 


                                                            How do we roll?

We will help you become the Best version of yourself by providing you tools, strategies, teachings, systems and resources needed for


1. Entrepreneurship- We help creative service based entrepreneurs to build, grow and scale their “Online Business” so that they can have personal and financial freedom while making an impact in the world.

2. Empowerment- We help you design a Life that you are passionate about by giving you the essential actions and result oriented tools and skills so that you can change your life step by step, day by day, at a time.

3. Manifestation- We help you become a Vibrational match for the Life of your dreams- We provide you a perfect blend of spiritual + scientific tools and actions along with Mind training techniques in order to ATTRACT the life of your dreams.

4. Mindset- We help you reprogram and condition your Mind for a Successful life by breaking down the complex personal development and mind training stuff into simple digestible chunks.

Through which you can create an “Inspired Living!”


                                                           How can we help?

We are here to help you succeed and enjoy your journey. By providing you the following:


1.Weekly Videos/trainings- YW inspire nation contains videos of all the Inspiration you need to create an Inspired living. Our videos cover topics based on





We will also turn some of the best books into actionable trainings and provide you a crisp, step by step actionable course form material so that you don't have to spend hours on reading the books and figuring out the complex stuff!Just leave the complex nerdy stuff on us! 


2. Blog: Blog contains valuable content in the form of how-to’s , great tips, steps and strategies for turning your ideas into reality. 


3.YW Members Club- a premium online community where you can find trainings, worksheets, resources, 1:1 access to us and meet other like minded people called “YW tribe” from around the world and get the support you need to succeed. It is coming soon.


4.YW Freebie Library- A library of valuable free content, where you will find everything you need to start your “Inspired Living” journey.


5.YW tribe Facebook group-  our Facebook group is where you can get shots of inspiration throughout the day. It’s a buzzing hive of activity and inspiration. Join the group here .


6.YW Sparkler- Become a YW  Sparkler and get weekly motivation,goodies , inspiration and other subscriber-only resources you can’t get anywhere else.


7.YW Podcast- Get an Inspiring , actionable and value packed podcast each week so that you can get the dose of tips, strategies, teachings on the go! Get access here.