Welcome to your Youniverse!

New Here?

Heya, hi and Welcome to our "Youniverse".

Let me guess why you are here:

 You are a leader, impactmaker, visionary, who wants to make an impact doing what you love and get paid for being you! You are ready to do whatever it takes until it takes, to create a life and business that they truly desire.

The main pain-points of our ideal clients are:

1.They just don't fit in and are tired of trying to pretend like "Normals".

2.They want to start their work but don't know where to start or are feeling stuck/ over-whelmed.

3.They are tired of all the internet marketing gurus trying to preach them the "Shoulds" and "Shouldnots" of building an empire

4.They want to have Success on their own terms and they are clear of what success means for them

I help them clear their message, remind they who they truly are and help them create an empire sharing their truth and doing things that are aligned to them. 

Okay, so where do we start? This is how we roll!

1.Bestselling books- Grab Bansi's bestselling short reads here.

2.Youniverseway Podcast- Get an Inspiring , actionable and value packed podcast each week so that you can get the dose of tips, strategies, teachings on the go! Get access here. The content on the Podcast is in English language and a more advanced stuff. This podcast is now also available on Spotify.

3.Almost Sorted YouTube channel- We have recently created Almost Sorted Youtube channel where most of our content is in Hindi+English for ease of understanding of the audience. Subscribe to the channel here. Only this channnel contains some content in Hindi, rest ALL of the content is in English.

4. Blog: Blog contains valuable content in the form of how-to’s , great tips, steps and strategies for turning your ideas into reality.

5.Youniverseway Facebook page-  our Facebook page is where you can get shots of inspiration throughout the day. It’s a buzzing hive of activity and inspiration. Like and follow the page here .

6.YW Sparkler- Become a YW  Sparkler and get weekly motivation,goodies , inspiration and other subscriber-only resources you can’t get anywhere else.

Have questions?Want to connect? DM me on the Gram at youniverseway

And for Private coaching which is by application ONLY, please email at almost.sorted.life@gmail.com.