Mingling with the Universe!

Heart Fool of Love and Life!

"Heart fool of love and life" is a collection of poetry and prose for Lovers, who are in love, out of love and everyone in between and for the Dreamers aka the artists and creative entrepreneurs. 
Life is now, do not hesitate to EXPRESS!
Everyone seems to be on a quest to fool our hearts. Since childhood we are taught how to ignore the voice of our heart and to listen to our over blabbering mind all the time! 
If you could take one thing from this book, please let it be this: Listen to your heart, it knows all the answers, just because it is silent or rather made silent by love, life and everything in between, doesn’t mean it is a fool! 
We are fools to NOT follow what it says!
Follow your heart, just do the damn thing and start living instead of surviving!


Mingling with the Universe: An Ultimate Guide to get anything that you want by creating your love story with the Universe!

Feeling stuck in rut? You have big dreams but somehow everything seems to fall apart? Want a major change in your life?
Do not worry. You are not alone. This smallest but the Ultimate guide will help you to :
•To create your own Love Story with the Universe in the simplest way possible.
•To take responsibility of your own life 
•To work in alignment with the Universe
•To have a life of your dreams.