Feeling Out of Alignment? Read this!

Okay, so after having the most un-aligned, non-flowy Sunday of my life yesterday, I am back on track today with my flow, alignment and zing! 
Yesterday was bad, sad and I felt it for no reason!
Nothing bad happened, it was just the state of my mind.
You know when your "Ego aka the fearful voice" in your mind screams on your face, that its not going to work no matter how hard you try.
like you feel chained in your own thoughts of lack, negativity, self-loathing and you just feel like punching everyone on the face( thank god, I didn't punch anyone,as I was at home for the entire day).
I binge-ate lots of cheesy things, fried dishes, didn't move my body at all cause' I freakin didn't feel like doing anything.
I felt stressed, lonely, had this urge to move to some different country!!  (Yes it was that serious) , haha. So all I did was opened up my laptop and started researching like a mofo on "How to move to Bali?"
"How to move to Singapore?"
"Things you should know before moving to Bali/Singapore!" and just for about surfing the internet for half an hour, my internet went down and I had no option then to just curse, curse and curse some more!
I tried listening to some pre-downloaded podcast episodes but the words seemed like noise to me, so I turned it off.
There I was, alone in my room, feeling like crying, I even thought I should journal but it felt so worst I couldn't even journal.
And then, I simply do what I do when I feel so shitty, I hid inside my blanket (which did feel somewhat better as it was so fucking cold), and the thoughts again started shouting inside my head, as if doing some sort of ugly dance, in there!
I just stopped, and prayed "I need a miracle. I am ready to surrender. I want to feel aligned, flowy and at ease, please help!" and then listened to a 11-minute guided meditation. I did feel a bit better but not my rockstar self though! 

And here I am today, its Monday and I am loving every bit of it. No-one could even tell I had such a shitty day yesterday. I feel so aligned, I finished my work in just 1 hour, in a flowy state. I am writing this from a place of service, from a place of soulful alignment and I am not just writing this to share my experience , but to tell y'all, its okay to feel In and Out of Alignment, its so human! Important thing is to go back in that state of your creative flow! The best part of all this is, nothing lasts forever, right!
Just fill this in, nothing lasts forever! Neither that feeling of immense joy , happiness or satisfaction nor the feeling of disgust, frustration, stress or anger.

So our work as soulful creative beings, meant to live our purpose on this planet earth , is not be become this perfect monk-like neutral person ( no judgement, you can become one if you feel most aligned with it), but its to get back to our real state, the state where we are fully connected with our inner self, as soon as possible, its the come back rate is what matters!

So, how do you deal with the shitty experience you are having then, one might ask? Well, share that experience and turn it into a great piece of content as I am doing it right here! ;-) Your experience is just not your experience, its a story to be shared with others, so that they can learn from it, get inspired by it, and start living their life more truly and soulfully!

P.S- I am starting to write the first few pages of my second book today! Cannot wait to dive into this process once again!

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Lots of Love,

Bansi !