Overwhelmed with Content creation? Its easier than you think!

Overwhelmed with Content creation for your Online Business?

There are only 5 types of content you need to share with your audience! And it is much easier than you think!

1.Life Updates - Sharing your real Human side and not the instagrammy butt images or my perfect life pics! Just be real, People are craving connection and robots cannot provide that! If you know what I mean!Instagram stories are great to show your behind the scenes and you in motion, working in your pajamas or you playing with your dog or a cat or sipping your favourite green juice or eating that piece of lemon tart!

2.Educational- This type of content or post that you are reading right now is a type of an educational content.It is sharing what you know in an easy layman's lingo. As there is information overload out there on the internet,people want simple short education nuggets!

3.Inspirational- Do not share someone else's quotes simply for the sake of sharing. I mean sometimes you can, if you absolutely loved it, but share what inspires you, share your story, share what are you learning, share your failures and struggles vulnerably. You never know who will be inspired by your life or your story!

4.Connection- This is simply conversation starter kind of a content. It can be like from where you are, these are my likes or dislikes, this is what resonates with me, this is what I believe in and you will be surprised on how many Me too's, you will get and how simply you will create a network!

5.Training- Training content is simple step by step guide or video or podcast or a written post in which you share how to do something! It basically more structured than an educational content.

So, that's it. Who said social media content has to be complicated, but it can real, simple and so much fun!

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