Feeling Low vibe? Feel like doing nothing at all?Listen up!

Listen to this Podcast here. And then read this.

Feelings! I FEEL feelings is the most underrated thing in this new age! Why you may ask, well, because you might think of everything under the Sun, to get your life on track but seldom think about the feelings you want to feel.


Think about it for a second, we are running behind our dreams with an intention to achieve them, we want someone special in our life because they might make our lives more beautiful, we want to become super successful because we want to Shine in this world, you see we have countless desires, but where do these desires come from? It's the feelings that we are running behind and not the desires in themselves. We want wealth in order to buy a few things which we think will make us FEEL GOOD, we want better health because we want to FEEL GOOD, we want the best life partner, because we want to FEEL GOOD about us and our lives. We want to experience thrilling adventures, go on trips, travel the world, because guess what, it FEELS GOOD.


Our soul dances literally, when we FEEL GOOD.

FEELING GOOD is what we are running behind, yet no one recognizes it. What if we start FEELING GOOD even before our dreams come true, even before we achieve those big goals, even before we are in a great shape, even before we find our life partner, even before we get anything that we have ever DESIRED.

Because it's the feelings that help you manifest the life of your dreams in the current reality.

And guess what feeling good feels good, so what better than feeling good and then working on our dreams and desires and manifesting them quickly and having fun along the way, rather than waiting for our dreams to come true and thus waiting to feel good.


What feelings do you want to feel?Journal it out! And create situations RIGHT now in order to feel that way!


Lots of love!