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Once done, please grab a pen and a paper or your favourite journal and just free write the answers to the following questions (if possible after a guided meditation).

1.What does my ideal life look like? Where do I see myself in next 5 years?

2.What woould the version 2.0 of me mean for me? How will he act and live his life?

3.What am I available for? What I am no longer available for?

4.What  matters the most to me, like, if I were to die in a month, what would I do in that time span? 

5.What small step can I take right now to embody that version 2.0 of myself who is success successful and very happy?

Once written you can screenshot your answers and share on Instagram , do not forget to tag me . You will find me here on Instagram or you can share the answers on the facebook page Youniverseway.

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Have a great week!