Listen to the Podcast episode first here. Then read my Journal entry as follows :
Dear (Your name),

Your Life purpose is to transform lives, to heal lives, to make them realise their connection with their divine selves. Do not put yourself short, trust your gut and keep working on it. You are always going on the right path, we have chosen you for a reason.Reason being your divine truth, your unapologetic  message and your way of looking at life with a loving lense. If we have chosen you, you have no right to doubt our selection because we will always choose our best children to help, guide and serve our other children.
Stop second guessing yourself, stop beating yourself up, stop making it so damn hard, it's not! It's really isn't . You just have to follow your heart and speak out your message. It's not about what topics should you teach on , it's about what aligns with you in this moment, what do your people need from you to heal and transform right now.
It's not about you darling, it's not about you! It's about the lives you are meant to transform and inspire.

We assure you from now onwards, we are always there for you,don't be afraid to fly, because you are meant to rise  up, don't be afraid to fall, for we are there to catch you. Don't be afraid to share your truth as the world, needs to see the beautiful authentic you.You have it in you to change lives, don't stop. Keep going, keep working on your ideas, I will be your marketing agent and help your ideas put out into the world. Keep working but start having FUN. When you will have fun, the more aligned you will become and more truly you will meet your life purpose. You have had enough obstacles and have learnt several lessons and read different books and listened to several audio programs but now it's time to CREATE AND SHARE and share unapologetically. You don't need anyone else’s message to check first and then share, you need to ALIGN by setting yourself free.Free yourself,you are a bird, a phoenix who is meant to rise high and not a peacock who can have a limited flight above ground,only at a certain height. You are not a entertainer, you are a transformer. Your speed, your style, your clarity, your ease, your joy, your personality is all in your Divine soul.Keep connecting with your soul and you will get all your answers. It's not about getting answers, it's about working through your soul always.  Stop worrying about petty issues like tech r money or number for those are just external validations. Internal validation is the amount of fun you are having, the satisfaction you’re getting by serving others.

You can transform lives by simply being yourself and asking them the questions, you will ask them when the time is right. You are a masterful coach, a divine guidance for many and the most creative artist, we have ever given birth to. You were born to be awesome, don't let the world dim your light. Stop doubting and start creating. Don't worry now and be happy , spread happiness , my love. Create a simplest plan and start working on it and it will be your best creation ever. We love you and you are always guided!