Ten ways to make 2018 your most productive year!

We are already in the fourth month of 2018 and it seems like the resolutions we had made and the way we were fired up on day 1 has deteriorated a bit. So I thought just to re-assess and track our progress till now and to make the rest of 2018 , the most productive year. Being a Productivity coach, I have studied and applied many systems , tools and techniques for improving productivity.The literal meaning of the word “Productive” means “Being able to produce large amount of something”- this ‘something’ means “Value” while calculating human productivity.

As a woman who is doing a full time job as a Chartered Accountant whilst building her own company along with making strong presence on social media, I know , how difficult it is to stay motivated, consistent and productive all the time. Of course, it’s not possible to stay productive 24*7. But the techniques and systems that I used in 2017, have showed me the results and that’s what I want to share with you “Action-taker” babes out there.

Now, there is no one-size-fits-all system. What I use is quite “Flexible” one so I call it the “Flex” system of Productivity. Here are the 10 steps!

1.The Rule of 3 system- The Rule of 3 is picking three outcomes for the day, the week, the month, and the year. Write your goal for the year, then  write down, what can you do monthly do achieve that Big goal of 2018, then what can you do weekly to achieve that monthly goal and lastly,what can you do daily to achieve that weekly goal. Remember, Rather than bite off more than you can chew, you bite off three things.

2.Cut off Information overload - I know it's the end of the year and there might be several plans for 2018 , a big check list and to-do lists! But knowing what is “Information for Reference” and what is “Actionable Information” is very important. Avoid Info overload. Segregate what you feel is just information for reference and can be used later with the one which you think is required for achieving your Big goal of 2018.

3.Monday motivation- Each week is a new start. Each Monday, identify the most important outcomes for the week by using the Rule of 3 to narrow down to the three most important outcomes for the week.

4.Daily results-Every night, just reflect on what all activities (out of 3 as per Rule of 3) , were you able to complete in order to achieve the weekly goal. Do not panic or worry if you were not able to achieve it , it’s okay, because you have the next fresh day ahead to kill it!

5.Friday Reflection- Every Friday, evaluate what you accomplished, or didn't, and why.

Identify three things that went well. Identify three things that need improvement. Plan your next week goal.

6.It’s all time and energy game- Focus on keeping your energy strong. You’ll get more done in one power hour than throwing lots of hours at a problem when you just don’t have the energy. The key is to spend your time working on the right things with your best energy and the best techniques.

7.Focus on your Strengths and become Ninja in it- Rather than spending all your time improving your weaknesses, spend your time playing with your strengths so much so that you become a Ninja in it. So, in areas that you are weak, one of your best moves can be to partner or team up with others who are experts in that work. It will save your time, energy and focus.

8.Quarterly Review session with yourself and your team- At the end of each quarter, it is a good practice to “Test your results”. What we are doing here is, rather than working on a Big goal directly, we are working on the same goal but in a bit sized manner something you can chew instead of gulp and then cry over the results. The key is “Do it, Review it and Improve it”.

9.Holistic Productivity- This is not only about work productivity, it is overall productivity in all areas of life which include Health, Relationships, Career, Spiritual life and Adventure life. A productive person is someone who is producing value in all areas of his life and not exceling only in one area of life while avoiding the other areas. Follow the same techniques in other areas of your life as well for becoming  a Holistic Person.

10.Approach and Mindset - These two are the pillars for your success .

Approach- Have a good approach rather than focusing on results-You can’t control your results. You can control your attitude, actions, and response.

Growth Mindset- Have a growth mindset instead of Perfectionism. If you are growing , you are improving, perfectionism is only a fashionable way to procrastinate.

Remember, life is all about Continuous learning. As you change and as things around you change, use your learning to improve your results.

Wish you a very successful, productive and happy 2018!

Keep slaying!