Five signs you need to uplevel your life!

Hi Gorgeous people,

Today’s topic is so incredibly amazing and life changing. Lately, I have felt so much of anxiety, overwhelm , self doubt, imposter and what not. Basically, everything that makes you feel you are not good enough.

I am doing a full time job whilst building my Business. It's obviously not possible to stay motivated 24*7. I was experiencing a kinda unproductive phase where I felt deeply demotivated.

I had this constant feeling of nausea, sickness and a feeling of an urgency that something needs to change and that too quickly.  I felt so lost, irritated and confused that it hardly brought any productive hours for me to work or even rest for that matter.

When I shared about these feelings with few of boss babes in a community they said they too have been experiencing it lately and that these are all signs to uplevel your life.

I gave a thought about it and what came to me what rather surprising. Let’s dive in deeper to understand what are the signs you might be ignoring, which are strongly urging you to uplevel your life and how to deal with it in the best possible way.

1.Feeling sick, demotivated and nausea- Now I am not saying that if you are feeling these kinda feelings , it is a straight sign to uplevel or change something and that you need not consult your doctor. I am just saying that having this feeling due to some reasons like you are stuck or you need to change something but somehow you are not able to do it, is a sign that you need to have a check on your health. Basically, your eating habits, your sleep time, the hours you rest , the time you give for working out or doing something really fun. Just thriving and hustling even when you are not feeling that productive is of no use, because ultimately the outcome will not be as effective as you wanted, right!

2.Lots of comparison and trying to copy someone- It is great to follow someone maybe a very successful entrepreneur or someone who is killing it in their own lives, but idolizing them so much that you start to straight away copy them and their systems and ideas only to realize that that worked for them but not for you, is a straight sign that you need to uplevel your life and business. What worked for them , may not work for you because, they had their systems work in their situations that were then. We make a big mistake here that we try to copy someone as they are so good at what they do, but we forget that our lives and our businesses will work only if we are truly authentic and unique in our own ways. Find your own ways of getting things done is what this sign tells you.

3.Trying to do a lot instead of focusing only on your strengths- When you are trying to do several things at once or while doing one task , when thoughts of other tasks are constantly running at the back of your mind, it is a strong sign that you need to stop at that point of time, because you are not doing justice at one single work and then we think why am I not getting results! Focusing only on your strengths and your zone of genius instead of trying to do everything yourself is the need of that hour when you are feeling unproductive and lost. Hire someone or outsource the work which is not your expertise as not doing so might cost you your Time which is more valuable than money!

4.Do what your heart says-We hear many times that when there is a battle between your mind and heart, follow what your heart says. This is so useful and amazing. I mean if you are taking a lot of time to make a major decision but you are not landing anywhere, it is a straight up sign to follow your intuition and things will work out. Instead of taking hours, days and even months to make that one life changing decision through analysis paralysis just make the decision what your heart says and do it right away. You never know what life unfolds after you make that one decision. And if you fear that something will go wrong, remember, if not anything else, you will earn experience which it a great teacher in itself so you have nothing to lose.

5.Not getting results even after putting constant efforts- It might happen that you are doing all things right continuously but you are not getting results as you had expected.There is no soul satisfying experience that you are having even though you are putting constant efforts. When this happens to you and you feel where you are going wrong, it might be a sign that you need to level up. Get out of your comfort zone and do something you have never done before.It might be a major business investment or making a bold decision or just showing up for what you have been scared of! Sometimes just getting out of your comfort zone can teach you so much about yourself and what you need to change that it automatically boosts your confidence and directs you to do the best thing you need to do at that particular point of time.

So the next time you experience these signs, remember , you need to dig deep and level up!

Keep slaying!