For the "Misfits"

If others around you feel you are crazy, if they do not understand you, they you feel you are a "Misfit", if you feel you are too crazy to be called as "Normal",

if mediocrity is the last thing you want to be, have and become during your life on this planet, then Listen the f**k up!

It is not your fault, it is not your fault, it is not your fault. Yes, soak it in for a while.

You not fitting in, having unique , hairy scary dreams is there for a reason. A reason which is bigger than you, me  or anyone else.

The reason is your life purpose, your life path, your soul work you are meant to do in this world.

So when you feel there's something wrong with you just because you are different from those around you, my friend, its time to celebrate, not to bash yourself down.

You have been given those dreams for a reason. That reason is you are here for a greater purpose. You have a message to share, you have a story to tell, you have a unique way of living your life. The world needs such "Misfit" leaders, the world is waiting for you to unleash your power so that you can help them to unleash theirs as well. Nothing is sexier than you sharing your core truth most authentically, vulnerably and soulfully. In your healing, in your story, others are healed.

You have to power to create a ripple effect of your power and magic on this planet and those normal "humans" who call themselves "humans" but just wake up every single day, living the same life over and over and over again, decade after decade would not understand it and that is okay. Your breed is "crazy souls" and this breed is unique and only 1% of the 1% are the part of it. So be super proud of yourself but not in a egotistic way but in a way which keeps you grounded but yet connected to your soul always. 

Your soul work, your message is the most important thing given to you. Do not hold yourself back sharing it. 

When you will own your power, share your truth, your story, your purpose boldly, people who are meant to be transformed by your work will come through your way, people who are meant to support you will come through your way, Universe will have your back and everything will line up just perfectly in a way, you can never ever imagine. 

Become that next level version of you, now. Now is the only time you have! What excuses are you making, what things are you making up in your mind just to stop yourself living your most amazing life ever? 

Stop playing small, and get to work! The world cannot wait for you to own your shit and to make it into stardusty magic! ;-)


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