Feeling pressured to make shit happen ? read this now!

Hi Loves,

Let's talk about the dreading word that almost all creatives or artists or entrepreneurs go through? Wanna know what that is?

PRESSURE! But wait let's just think , what's the pressure  about?

Pressure to make money,

Pressure to stand out,

Pressure to make ends meet,

Pressure to prove yourself,

Pressure to succeed, no matter what!,

Pressure to just make things right!,

Now, let me ask ya, is it a real pressure or just made up in your mind, which is plain vanilla!

I mean, what's the pressure really about? Don't tell me you want to prove it to your family or your partner or your boss or your colleagues or your ex or your neighbor whose first-name also you are unaware of. I mean what is the pressure all about? 

I get it! Its not going to be easy, in fact it is going to be freaking painful, a lot, you will feel like quitting, due to some stupid people, stupid body issues, stupid feelings, stupid tech issues (I know that can literally get on your nerves) , but it was supposed to be hard! What did you think it was going to be a bed of roses, really? Come on! Greatest creators and their creations were created pressure! 

But the only difference between them and others is they went on and on and on!

Pressure is bubbled up just due to the fear and most of your fears have an excuse backed up with it! Yes these excuses are making it even worse for you! Your BS excuses are the biggest obstacles in your way, which keep you stuck from taking any real action and when you are not able to take any action, more pressure is built up and it makes you feel like the worst person ever!!

Fear of failure, fear of what others will think of me if I am not able to make it,

fear of being alone, fear of not being respected or not being significant enough if you dont make that 'x' amount of money or if your launches fail or if your client is not satisfied. I mean there are a million and one fears around and inside you, but you got to put this fake pressure off your shoulders, my friend.

Once you start taking real consistent action, eventually your excuses will vanish and so will your fears! But I have been doing it since last 6 months, did someone say that? Let me tell you, if its still not working and you are all in just for 6 months or 1 year or 5 years, you are haven't yet went all in!

I mean look at all the badass people who are absolutely killin it! It took them 7-10 years to reach where they are today. But I am no way saying you cannot have it before 7-10 years. You surely can have it you are lucky enough and if you try to apply those so called "strategies" but its not about that. Business is for how long you are able to sustain it? Sustainability is what success is, right! Do you want to be an overnight success, a breaking news and famous celebrity who is in headlines for a month or two or you are here for a long game, I mean really long, as long as you are alive and you want to create a legacy! Now, don't tell me legacy can be created in an year or two! That's BS for real. 

You are here to live your purpose, being in the now, doing your work every single day by showing up, not giving up, and staying on the game no matter what , till you succeed.

And success is not when you are "Successful" in the eyes of other people, it is when you are "Successful and badass" in your own eyes.

Level up first in your own heart and keep working until you reach your destination. Then, success is the only option left.

Failure is inevitable but the lessons you learn from them and how you take failure is what is going to shape up your reality!

Now stop making non-sense excuses and eventually pressurizing yourself.

Do it for you!

Do it for your purpose!

Do it for the truth you are meant to share in this world.

Do it for people whose lives you are meant to transform.

Do it for the sake of your art.

Do it for your happiness.

Do it because it gives you a sense of satisfaction like none other.

Do it for the future you, who is going to be so effing proud of yourself, that you did not give up in the midst of all that shit you had to face!

Make this pressure your guiding force to inspire, not to lose the grip of your ultimate goal and to act like a loser!

Now get up and thrive!


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