Youniverseway Brand is found by Bansi Patel and her mentor Amol Mishra.

Bansi Patel is a Success coach for people who know they are meant for "More", Author of two bestselling books "Mingling with the Universe" and "Heart Fool of Love and Life", Podcaster and co-founder of Youniverseway brand. Bansi had a major career transition from being a certified Chartered accountant (which is an equivalent degree to CPA in USA) to being a writer and a coach. 

Amol Mishra is Bansi's mentor and guide. Amol Mishra is a serial entrepreneur and a very successful Chartered accountant having 11+ years of experience in Management consultancy, startups, taxation and various arenas of finance sector. He is an important pillar in creation of Youniverseway brand.

Through Youniverseway, our sole purpose is to Inspire Lives through all our content, whether it be through our fast growing Podcast, Books, Blog or Youtube channel.                                             New here? Click HERE.